I am Ashayen Centre

Over 50,000 people in Kanpur, India have neurological differences. At Ashayen, we strive to reach out to an increasing number of this population so that they can develop the capability to contribute to the society. We provide a range of services to enable well-rounded development of the child. Our teachers strive to find the child’s strengths and build upon them, be it Crafts, Fine Arts, English or Mathematics.


Preschool to Class 12th

The curriculum covers a whole range of a normal school learning along with self help skills like: eating, drinking, bathing, dressing and undressing. We include activities that make students as independent as possible in daily life. Teaching depends on individual learning patterns and teaching goals are outlined for each child. We have a low teacher to student ratio at 1:8 in each class, with much of the teaching being done in one-on-one teaching sessions.

Vocational Training

The children who are unable to cope up with the school syllabus are put in this section. The focus is on functional learning, which includes survival cooking. The Pre-vocational class imparts knowledge on concepts used in day-to-day life: money, time, calendar and weight. The students are taken on field trips to the post office, banks, malls and restaurants. They also learn to use their hands – weaving, candle making, grinding, packing, block printing and paper bag making. Depending on the ability of the students, they are taught fine motor activities and different crafts.


All the children who need therapy get it on a daily basis. The students have gross motor sessions, physical training exercises and Yoga for their physical development. Regular assessments are done to chart the physical progress of the children.

Infant Screening

Paediatricians screen babies for signs of Cerebral Palsy and other developmental delays.

Infant Stimulation and Early Intervention Program

Under this program, children below the age of two ae taken cae of. The staff, which includes senior physiotherapists and a trained special educator, sees that the child gets help in all areas of development. Catching them young is very important and the doctors that refer them to us are becoming increasingly aware of this. Retraining of the brain can happen when the child is very young.

Parents Counselling

We assist parents in accepting their child’s problem and then provide guidance for them to cope with it. The staff provides support to parents by addressing various concerns and making them feel at ease with their child’s disability.

Speech Therapy

Speech is an associated problem with most developmental delays. The child is taught to communicate and express from a very young age.

Assessment and Testing

Intelligence tests are done whenever necessary. All areas of the child are assessed when the child is admitted and a customized teaching plan is formulated.

Occupational Therapy

This treatment focuses on helping people achieve independence in various aspects of their lives. OT can help improve their cognitive, physical and motor skills and enhance their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.